The Independent 

The Independent first hit newsstands in 1986 and ran for 30 years before its final print edition on Saturday 26 March, 2016.  

These are the stories about the paper, told by those that made it. They describe: the world in which the paper emerged, thrived, and struggled; the working culture of the paper; major developments in the paper’s evolution; the stories of key figures who shaped it; its innovations, achievements, and  disappointments; and the stories it covered, big and small. 

You won’t find a tidy eulogy here. We’ve assembled the experiences of people from all over the world and all stages of the paper’s development–perspectives that sometimes match, and sometimes differ–that speak to the rich and varied past of this storied paper.

Featured Histories

Brian Harris remembers that before The Independent launched in 1986, co-owner Andreas Whittam Smith aspired to a more continental European visual style. Harris told him that in order to make this happen, photographers must be allowed the freedom to be “journalists who take pictures.”
Lisa Clark joined The Independent’s art department in 1988, and found a paper that combined some old fashioned practices–like sending a sketch artist to cover liver events–with sleek modern design.
Charlotte Hollingshead talks about her move into display advertising at The Independent where she joined a loyal team that prided itself upon their ‘closing culture’.
Harvey Morris explains that The Independent established a strong foreign news department from the very beginning, making a series of wise personnel investments including taking on poet James Fenton as a foreign correspondent in South Korea.



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