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Tell History Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in TELL HISTORY. The following Terms of Use govern the usage of our website.

This Terms of Use document as posted here is a binding contract between you, the TELL HISTORY user, and TELL HISTORY. Without fully accepting all of the Terms of Use (the “Terms”) as defined in this document, you may not use any part of TELL HISTORY or associated services. Using the TELL HISTORY website entails that you agree to all of the following Terms and the TELL HISTORY Privacy Policy, both of which shall remain in effect so long as you use TELL HISTORY.

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These terms may change over time

TELL HISTORY reserves the right to change the Terms at any point without notice, and we encourage the user to periodically check this page to understand them. Continued use of TELL HISTORY after a change indicates the user’s full agreement to the current Terms.

Important information for users

By using TELL HISTORY, you affirm that you are of legal age to enter into a contract, or that you have received permission from a parent or legal guardian to use the TELL HISTORY or related services (collectively referred to as the “Services”). TELL HISTORY does not knowingly solicit any information whatsoever from minors under the age of 13. If you are aware that a minor under 13 has submitted information to TELL HISTORY, please contact us at and we will remove any such content from the site immediately.

If you have submitted information to TELL HISTORY on behalf of an organization, you affirm that you have received authorization from the organization, that that the organization is now bound to the Terms of Use, and that the use of “you” and “your”  in this document refer both to the representative user and the organization as a whole.

Any information you provide to TELL HISTORY, including your name and contact details, should be accurate and current, and you are responsible for notifying TELL HISTORY as to any changes in your personal information used to register with TELL HISTORY. You may not misrepresent yourself or impersonate another individual for any reason on TELL HISTORY.

You affirm that all text, data, videos, audio submitted to the Services (which shall be known as “User Submissions”) is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that you have obtained the permission from anyone recorded, reproduced, or referred to in the User Submissions to include their name, likeness, personal information, and recording to TELL HISTORY. You represent and warrant that you possess all necessary rights to share any content submitted via the Services.

You may not use the Services if it leads you to break a law that applies to you. TELL HISTORY is not responsible for your violation of local laws in the use of the Services.

You affirm that you are using TELL HISTORY for non-commercial use, and not on behalf of a third party. If TELL HISTORY suspects you are using the Services for commercial use, it retains the right to remove any content associated with your activity and to ban you from future use of the Services.

You acknowledge that the videos, images, photos, text, graphics, design, and audio (which shall collectively be referred to as the “Content”) on the Services are governed by copyright and/or other intellectual property laws. You agree to abide by all restrictions on content, including any intellectual property laws, and will not copy, reproduce, or create derivative versions of the Content in a way that infringes on the rights of a Content owner (including TELL HISTORY), or without explicit permission from the Content owners. Tell History reserves the right to immediately remove Content that it believes violates intellectual property laws, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other laws.

When using the Services, then you warrant, represent, and affirm that you will not use the Services in a way that: (i) is defamatory, threatening, malicious, harmful, obscene, deceptive, or fraudulent in reference to other individuals, users, and entities, including TELL HISTORY; (ii) endangers other individuals by the disclosure of private information, such as private addresses, emails, and phone numbers; (iii) violates any law that applies to you; (iv) advertises third parties for personal profit of any form; (v) communicates obscene, pornographic, racist or ethnically offensive, harassing, hateful, or unlawful messages or incites others to engage in unlawful activity; (vi) infringes upon or violates the intellectual rights of any other person or entity; (vii) downloads, copies, or replicates any of the Content from the Services; (viii) attempts to obtain the underlying ideas that relate to the engineering and operation of the Services; (ix) runs any type of “spam” or autoresponder, Listserv, or any activity online or off that interferes with the functionality of the Services; (x) threatens the security or integrity of another computer network, or that attempts to crack encryption of any security apparatus; (xi) uses “spider,” “scrape,”“crawl”, or any data mining techniques through any part of the Services or associated content, outside of the software, agents provided by us or generally accepted web browsers; (xii) or attempts to gather and use information from the Services for the purpose of advertising or any form of solicitation.

Failing to comply with any of the terms listed above may result in the removal of your information from the Services, a ban on future use or association with the Services, a suspension from use of the Services, or any combination above. TELL HISTORY reserves the right to remove content, suspend or ban activity on the services for any reason, including the violation of above terms. TELL HISTORY also reserves the right to investigate and prosecute any violators of the Terms as listed above and elsewhere in this document, and will cooperate with law enforcement against violators.

You understand that TELL HISTORY owns the Services and all associated Content, including user submissions. You may not store, reproduce, copy, publish, sell, or migrate any of the information or content from the Services, or create derivative versions of the Services or its Content, without explicit permission from TELL HISTORY.


You retain any and all rights to the Content that you submit through the Services, and you remain responsible for the accuracy and reception of such Content and for protecting those rights. You represent and warrant that you have the rights for all Content that you submit via the services as User Submissions, and that you have the right to grant TELL HISTORY rights and license as provided in these Terms. You also agree that in doing so you do not violate copyright laws, privacy rights, contract rights, publicity rights, or any other rights of a person or entity.

When you submit information, data, files, or any other element of the User Submissions through the Services, you grant TELL HISTORY several licenses, which is necessary in order to make your stories available and presentable to the public, and does not necessarily affect the ownership of the User Submissions. These licenses are worldwide, perpetual, sublicensable, royalty-free, and irrevocable.

When providing a User Submission to the Services, you grant TELL HISTORY a license to modify, translate, or otherwise alter the User Submissions in order to make User Submissions presentable, sharable, and accessible according to TELL HISTORY’s internal standards.

Any user providing a User Submission to TELL HISTORY through the Services agrees to grant TELL HISTORY license to publicly perform, display, and distribute the User Submissions.  The public display, performance, and distribution of User Submission expends beyond the user’s activity on TELL HISTORY unless the user requests the User Submission be removed from the website or Services. Users may request the removal of User Submissions submitted by that user by contacting, after which the content will be removed within a reasonable amount of time.

The user also grants other users license to access, perform, share, and display the User Submission.

Responsibility for User Submissions

TELL HISTORY is not responsible for any content or information submitted by users and distributed by the Services; the content creator is exclusively liable for the information contained in User Submissions. Users distribute and access the content at their own risk, and Tell History is not responsible for copyright infringement, errors or omissions, decency, or legality of User Submissions, nor for any damages or loss that result from publishing or accessing the User Submissions, even when the Submission may have been modified by TELL HISTORY to better integrate it into the Services.

We cannot fully guarantee the identity of our users, nor the accuracy of the information they submit through the Services. We cannot control who is able to access the site, or who is not able to access the site. By using the Services, you release TELL HISTORY from all liability from actions relating to the interpretation of the Content acquired through the Services, including User Submissions.

By using the site, you release TELL HISTORY, its partners, clients, employees, or successors from any responsibility to become involved in disputes between users and other users or third parties over demands, claims and damages of every nature,  suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed, known or unknown, which may arise out of the use of the Services.

Third Parties

TELL HISTORY may provide links to third party websites through the Services, and it may be possible to interact with third party websites through the site. TELL HISTORY is not liable for the accuracy, practices, behavior, content, or opinions expressed on third party websites, and we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with their individual terms of use and privacy policies. TELL HISTORY has no responsibility to monitor user activity on third party sites, and you release us from all liability from damages that may result from sharing content through the Services to third party sites.


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