Tell History Partnerships

Tell History is a pioneering new website that rethinks the way history is recorded. We engage a community that looks for authentic, important stories told by real people in their own words. We know there are millions of undiscovered stories out there; we offer simple tools for our community to share these stories in a fun, meaningful, and impactful way.

While citizen historians provide most of our stories, we also work with partners who share our mission to publish important stories. We look for organizations and brands who seek to draw attention to underrepresented people and underreported issues, combining our resources to bring these stories to light.

Tell History works with partners in three ways:

Promoted Content

We highlight stories on behalf of sponsors, featuring them on our homepage, newsletters, and social media.

Promoted Questions

We reach out to our community with specific questions from our partners looking for stories

Sponsored content

We work alongside partners to record, distribute, and highlight stories.

To discuss any of these opportunities, please contact us on team @ and we’ll be happy to talk to you further!

We offer a place for people to discover the stories that matter most to you, knowing that these are authentic stories told by real people.

Check out some of our current partners to find out more…




Volunteers Initiative Nepal

Bhupi Ghimire, Founder & Executive Director

Bhupi Ghimire, Founder & Executive Director

“Working with Tell History has been a fantastic and highly effective way to introduce the people we work with to the world as part of our outreach strategy. It’s important that the Nepali people can tell their own stories.”

Il Fischio Finale

Davide Rubini, Manager at Shell and Writer

Davide Rubini, Manager at Shell and Writer

“History has never been so present. This website really is collective memory at work.”

Digital Storytellers

Storytelling Agency

Digital Storytellers is a fresh creative agency of video producers, artists and digital masters on a mission to use the power of storytelling to write a better narrative for the world. We believe one of the greatest opportunities of our time is the democratisation of storytelling, and are passionate about helping everyone tell their own story. We are a profit for purpose company that is committed to access for all, social and environmental sustainability.

Footage Foundation

Amplifying Voices

Footage Foundation is a global nonprofit that seeks to amplify the voices of unheard young people and their communities with a focus on girls and young women.