Italy after the scandal


Italy went through a dramatic political transformation in the early 1990s thanks to a number of anticorruption investigations, ultimately leading to the collapse of the two great political parties that had dominated government since WWII. The rampant corruption became known as “Tangentopoli,” loosely translated as “Bribesville.” The reforms brought by the “clean hands” investigations would shake up the entire country, leaving a vacuum for media tycoon and billionaire Silvio Berlusconi to enter politics.

From reality to fiction and back to reality. Tell History is working together with author Davide Rubini, whose recent novel Il fischio finale is set in the aftermath of Tangentopoli, to collect the stories of Italy during this tumultuous time. To get involved and share your memories of this time book an interview


Featured Histories

Andrea Monni discusses the economic reforms that swept across Italy at the same time he began studying business in 1992, describing it as an exciting time for himself and his colleagues.
Genny Chiarandon remembers her mother’s emotional reaction to the murder of Sicilian judge and prosecuting magistrate Giovanni Falcone by the mafia in 1992.
Marco Bani describes how his childhood thirst for news about the 1994 World Cup inadvertently introduced him to politics, as Silvio Berlusconi swept into politics that year promising one million new jobs.
Academic Pietro Neglie explains the political vacuum left behind when the Christian Democrats collapsed as a result of the Mani pulite (“clean hands”) corruption scandals in 1994.




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