I rescued 7 families from the Islamic State

Amin Alia Xodeda Qaso describes the terrifying moments after the Islamic State launched attacks against Yezidis in Northern Iraq in August 2014. Responding to a panicked phone call from his sister, he helped rescue 7 Yezidi families (including his own), bringing them up a mountain without any supplies. They stayed there until they ran out of food and water, and decided to leave despite being surrounded by Islamic State fighters. He then took the 7 families on a difficult journey across the Syrian border and back into Iraqi Kurdistan.

Storyteller: Amin Alia Xodeda Qaso
Date of Story: 2-12 August, 2014
Location of Story: Sinjar, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Location: Sinjar, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Date: 20 February, 2016
Citizen Historian: Hakar Ismail