Tangentopoli shaped my political thinking

International organization director Massimo Vettori lists three key events during the Tangentopoli period in 1990s Italy shaped his political ideas: the assasination of Falcone, the downfall of Craxi, and the “decreto salvaladri” during the 1994 World Cup.

Storyteller: Massimo Vettori

Date of Story: 1993; 23 May, 1992- 13 July 1994
Location of Story: Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 26 February, 2016

This post is part of a collaboration with author Davide Rubini to collect the stories of Italy in the aftermath of the “Bribesville” (Tangentopoli) scandals of the 1990s. Find out more about Rubini’s new novel,  il fischio finale (The Final Blow).