80 years of nuts for gummis!

Did you know that Haribo produces so many of the sweet little creatures in a year that if you lined them up head to toe, they would circle the world four times!


This weekend children in Bonn and the surrounding area are trying to make sure that this number goes up with an amazing tradition that started 80 years ago.

A real life Willy Wonka, Hans Riegel started the Haribo company in 1920, combining his own name and his hometown to create the name: HAns RIegel, BOnn. Headquartered in Bonn, Hans Riegel started a tradition in 1936 which saw local children come to the factory and exchange nuts for sweets!

Every year at the end of October you can take all the acorns and chestnuts that you can collect and swap them for an equivalent weight in gummi bears! It works out at about 10:1 kg for the chestnuts and 5:1 kg for acorns.  There’s also a limit of 50kg of Haribo that you can receive — but that would mean collecting a stunning ½ ton of chestnuts!

Far from being just a gimmick, the nuts are all loaded onto trucks and taken straight to wild animal parks as part of the animal feed.

Fall fun attached to a good deed that equals free sweets? We’re all heading to Bonn next year!

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