A Polish orphan’s survival story

Agnes Grunwald-Spier recounts the horrific story of Janine and Tunio Monat, Jewish children who were orphaned during the Nazi occupation of Poland and whose Catholic foster parents failed to protect them. Tunio was killed once the foster family’s 18 year old daughter brought home a Nazi soldier, and Janine fled to a safe house where 13 other Jews were hiding.

Storyteller: Agnes Grunwald-Spier

Date of Story: November 1941
Location of Story: Poland
Location: London, UK
Date: 28 February, 2016

Janine (4), Lipka , and Tunio (2) Webber around 1936.
Janine (4), Lipka , and Tunio (2) Webber around 1936.

You can read more about this story and others in Who Betrayed the Jews?, a groundbreaking study by Agnes Grunwald-Spier that examines the various ways Jews were betrayed by their fellow countrymen during the Holocaust. Click here to find out more about the book or click here to visit Agnes’ website.