Inventing the “Person of the Year”

Time Magazine was founded 93 years ago in New York City, one of several magazines controlled by media magnate Henry Luce–the same man that also gave us Fortune, Life, and Sports Illustrated.

Since then, the magazine has become most famous for its “Time Person of the Year”, which was actually called “Man of the Year” until as recently as 1999. This tradition began in 1927 after magazine editors realized that they had never featured world-famous aviator Charles Lindbergh on their cover, despite the fact he amazed millions by completing the first trans-Atlantic flight in history. They declared him man of the year for 1927, and have continued the practice ever since.

Although the person of the year is often thought of as an honor, the magazine insists that “for better or for worse” the cover subject “has done the most to influence the events of the year”. This explains their selection of notorious dictators, and non-humans, some of which you will see from our special selection of covers in our “Time-line” below.

Who will be the person of the year for 2016? Tell us a story about the person who has made history this year.