Seaforth Docks Development is transforming Crosby

Michael Barrett talks about how the redevelopment of Seaforth Docks in Liverpool is transforming the area. With the decline of the area over recent decades since the docks were closing or going into a steady decline, the investment in the infrastructure and docks is having a positive impact on the communities. A much needed resurgence in investment and use of the Seaforth Docks near Liverpool, there is an equal need for new transport infrastructure. A planned road will go through a park in the area, at Rimrose Valley. This valley contains part of what used to be the Whabbs Tip – a place where trash was dumped. Michael also discusses how this means that new roads are needed to access the docks and this is causing potential environmental impact on a local park — which not too long ago had been a tip!

Storyteller: Michael Barrett
Date of Story: 2016
Location of Story: Seaforth, UK
Date of recording: 16 August, 2016