“If they can kill him, there is no hope”


Academic advisor Genny Chiarandon remembers her mother’s emotional reaction to the murder of Sicilian judge and prosecuting magistrate Giovanni Falcone by the mafia in 1992.  She remembers comparing Falcone to the character Achilles–her class was reading Homer at the time–who was also aware he was fated for a premature death.

Storyteller: Genny Chiarandon

Date of Story: May 1992
Location of Story: Italy
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: 31 January, 2016

This post is part of a collaboration with author Davide Rubini to collect the stories of Italy in the aftermath of the “Bribesville” (Tangentopoli) scandals of the 1990s. Find out more about Rubini’s new novel,  il fischio finale (The Final Blow).