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  • With acceptance, San Francisco’s gay community opened up

    With acceptance, San Francisco’s gay community opened up

    James “Robbie” Robinson says he’s delighted that now there is more ‘blending’ between gay and straight communities in San Francisco. This has been a result, he believes, of mainstream acceptance of LGBT identity.

    Storyteller: James “Robbie” Robinson
    Date of Story: 1957-present
    Location of Story: San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
    Location: The Castro, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
    Date: 11 October, 2016

  • Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

    Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

    Scheherezade Rahim talks about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, in 2007, the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan. She explains how this day directly affected her sister’s wedding and explains how Pakistan went through three days of mourning as people were afraid to leave their house.

    Storyteller: Scheherezade Rahim
    Date of Story: 27 December, 2007
    Location of Story: Karachi, Pakistan
    Location: Bronxville, New York
    Date: 20 September, 2016

  • Meeting Mark Zuckerberg in Germany after leaving Syria

    Meeting Mark Zuckerberg in Germany after leaving Syria

    Programmer Rami Rihawi left Aleppo at the end of 2015, and five months later he was sitting with Mark Zuckerberg in Berlin, talking about the potential for virtual reality in social media.

    Storyteller: Rami Rihawi

    Date of Story: 2015-present
    Location of Story: Berlin, Germany
    Location: Berlin, Germany
    Date: 11 March, 2016

  • 20,000 people showed up at our demonstration

    20,000 people showed up at our demonstration



    Nadia Rida and Aras Mufty talk about how they were moved to organize a protest after witnessing the poor conditions at a refugee center outside Vienna. Starting with a simple Facebook post and expecting no more than 500 attendees, over 20,000 people showed up to call for a smarter solution for the thousands of refugees arriving in Austria.

    Storyteller: Nadia Rida and Aras Mufty

    Date of Story: 31 August, 2015
    Location of Story: Europaplatz, Vienna, Austria
    Location: Vienna, Austria
    Date: 7 December, 2015


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  • We didn’t take advantage of the “magic moment”

    We didn’t take advantage of the “magic moment”

    Nutritionist Emanuela Spiga laments that the country did not use the historic opportunity offered by Tangentopoli (“Bribesville” scandals) to enact lasting change.

    Storyteller: Emanuela Spiga

    Date of Story: Early 1990s
    Location of Story: Italy
    Location: Monserrato, Italy
    Date: 5 February, 2016

    This post is part of a collaboration with author Davide Rubini to collect the stories of Italy in the aftermath of the “Bribesville” (Tangentopoli) scandals of the 1990s. Find out more about Rubini’s new novel,  il fischio finale (The Final Blow).  

  • The Scotsman that lived in the Kurdish mountains in the 1950s

    The Scotsman that lived in the Kurdish mountains in the 1950s


    Ambassador Tariq Aqrawi remembers the Scotsman who lived in Akre for a brief period in the 1950s, who dressed his whole family in Kurdish clothes and spoke the native dialect. He linked this Mackenzie to a bookshop in Baghdad that sold banned Kurdish books.

    Storyteller: Tariq Aqrawi

    Date of Story: 1950s
    Location of Story: Akre, Kurdistan
    Location: Vienna, Austria
    Date: 29 January, 2016

  • I quit my job to help my fellow Yezidis

    I quit my job to help my fellow Yezidis

    Activist Pari Ibrahim, founder of the Free Yezidi Foundation, talks about how she devoted her life to helping her people–the minority Yezidi population in Iraq– since the morning of 3 August 2014 when family members called from the Sinjar region in Iraqi Kurdistan to let her family know the Islamic State was carrying out massacres and kidnappings against these practitioners of an ancient syncretic religion.

    Storyteller: Pari Ibrahim

    Date of Story: 2 August, 2014-present
    Location of Story: Netherlands; Sinjar, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
    Location: Netherlands
    Date: 31 October, 2015

  • Hosting a Syrian refugee family in Vienna

    Hosting a Syrian refugee family in Vienna

    A story of how a family was moved by the plight of refugees at Vienna’s Westbahnhof (West Train Station) and took in a family of eight as they made their way to Germany to start a new life in a safe environment.

    Storyteller: Elaine Slevin

    Date of Story: 2015
    Location of Story: Vienna, Westbahnhof
    Location: 1160, Vienna, Austria
    Date: 14 September, 2015


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Hosting a Syrian refugee family in Vienna: 48.196799, 16.337702
Visiting China as it opened its doors to the world: 39.904211, 116.407395
A wild carriage ride in San Francisco: 37.774929, -122.419416
Growing up in a refugee camp in Turkey: 37.344293, 40.619649
Crossing mountains to marry (and meet for the first time): 37.091727, 43.487692
Returning to Baghdad, a city devastated by dictatorship and war: 33.312806, 44.361488
Remembering a diverse, beautiful Baghdad: 33.300978, 44.365883
How I came to be born in exile: 31.964143, 44.906650
Visiting Iraq without Iraqi approval - discovering Kurdistan: 36.237500, 43.963055
The paradox of Malala: 40.749041, -73.967699
A family reunited - life in West and East Germany after the wall: 51.755940, 7.465210
Suddenly 20,000 people showed up at our demonstration: 48.196932, 16.338594
Discovering that my neighbors were war criminals on the run: -23.550520, -46.633309
The housewarming gift from my Nazi landlord: -23.550520, -46.633309
When the dead were treated before the living: 29.424122, -98.493628
Ranch life in 1930s South Texas: the crazed pet javelina: 28.275892, -99.101350
The day Berlusconi arrived in our mailbox: 44.316842, 9.319982
‘Tangentopoli’ didn’t break our optimism: 41.902783, 12.496366
Italy tried to reinvent itself: 41.902783, 12.496366
“The strangest little parties appeared everywhere”: 45.668555, 13.104086
Naples was a laboratory for “Bribesville” Italy: 40.786780, 14.433289
Former Communist leaders in the 1990s: 40.857155, 14.216341
Suddenly the bourgeoisie didn’t have a party: 46.140797, 13.166290
The “Second Republic” is more corrupt than the First: 46.140797, 13.166290
Berlusconi brought back the old system: 39.223902, 9.122095
Sardinian politicians didn’t feel the pain: 39.223902, 9.122095
“Bribesville” explained to kids: 43.722831, 10.401719
The rise of Pisa’s professors after scandal: 43.722831, 10.401719
Peshmerga: united in future?: 36.206293, 44.008870
“I was convinced there had to be another way”: 41.902783, 12.496366
Okeechobee\'s toxic tides: 25.939741, -81.707536
Writing letters from Santa\'s Workshop: 64.751111, -147.349444
Italian cultural relativism and its consequences: 38.115688, 13.361267
Corruption then and now: 38.115688, 13.361267
The media coverage was relentless: 41.871940, 12.567380
Berlusconi didn\'t invent anything: 41.871940, 12.567380
When “taking the field” meant something else: 41.871940, 12.567380
The student movement: breaking free of the 5 parties: 41.871940, 12.567380
We had bigger issues at the time: 39.223902, 9.122095
We didn’t take advantage of the “magic moment”: 42.006448, 12.741394
\'I was shocked by how infuriated she was\': 45.070339, 7.686864
Watching my home in crisis…from Germany: 50.802173, 8.766793
They were corrupt, but better respected: 41.755434, 12.305374
Communism after the fall of Communism: 41.871940, 12.567380
An Italian student in 1990s Germany: 50.802173, 8.766793
Reforms were doomed by media attention: 41.902783, 12.496366
\'From hell to heaven\': 51.507351, -0.127758
Sign of a failed state: 33.854721, 35.862285
“Ahmadinejad and Bush both met God”: 35.689197, 51.388974
On and off the Israeli watch list: 47.958581, 16.516014
Better to be a single mom in rural Nepal than in Germany: 28.008794, 85.132378
The parody focused on Di Pietro: 45.659677, 10.385672
Disappointing Palermo\'s honest citizens: 38.115688, 13.361267
Berlusconi framed in close-up on TV: 43.771051, 11.248621
Bribery as understood by a child: 43.771051, 11.248621
TV programs started to be more politicized: 43.771051, 11.248621
New politics and the fear of the unknown: 43.771051, 11.248621
I wanted to join the debate: 43.771051, 11.248621
We had a think tank in the men’s bathroom: 44.494887, 11.342616
When playing sports meant breaking the law: 35.321875, 46.986165
The entire Italian public became prosecutors: 45.070339, 7.686864
Politics has been destoyed by financial powers: 41.902783, 12.496366
After the collapse of the parties: 41.902783, 12.496366
Political \'surgery\' excluded Communists: 41.902783, 12.496366
Politics: \'Sometimes your hands get dirty\': 45.486280, 9.216723
The Italian judiciary was strongly politicized: 40.851798, 14.268120
Politics was part of my family: 41.902783, 12.496366
For Italy, Europe will be \'a limbo or a nightmare\': 36.407257, 10.622471
Stefania Craxi: the cruel side of politics: 41.902783, 12.496366
How we date in Aleppo: 36.209117, 37.116645
Berlusconi and Craxi: they shared the same enemies: 41.964842, 12.779009
With those bribes you could build a whole city: 43.548473, 10.310567
The Tangentopoli suicides: 45.465422, 9.185924
Tangentopoli-level bribery impossible today: 43.548473, 10.310567
Livorno since the early 1990s: 43.548473, 10.310567
Italy is tired after multiple crises: 43.548473, 10.310567
The story of Primo Greganti: 45.070339, 7.686864
Tangentopoli shaped my political thinking: 42.853604, 13.574944
1996-1998: years of enthusiasm: 41.902783, 12.496366
He ran to defend his interests: 42.853604, 13.574944
Suddenly everyone wanted to study law: 45.465422, 9.185924
Foreign journalists were shocked by how quickly it moved forward: 45.465422, 9.185924
“The atmosphere was like Vietnam”: 45.465422, 9.185924
“I remember a squalid press room”: 45.465422, 9.185924
Images of the destroyed highway: 45.063299, 7.669289
A self-made 19th century Irish woman: 52.355817, -7.690255
The ‘First Republic’ needed to collapse: 41.891352, 12.489653
Communists hadn’t evolved ideologically: 41.910964, 12.477036
A famous journalist was made minister: 41.908920, 12.479782
He said to Berlusconi,” We can win, and this is how”: 41.914541, 12.475662
He was truly independent from party meddling: 41.906876, 12.482529
He was afraid to be caught in error: 41.905343, 12.482529
Ministers were considered transitory figures: 45.465422, 9.185924
In the beginning it was a political revolution: 45.533420, 12.643850
Only long-lived Italian government was Berlusconi’s: 45.465422, 9.185924
Leaders failed to define what Europe is to Italians: 45.533420, 12.643850
Friendship between three powerful leaders: 45.533420, 12.643850
Bolzano is different politically from rest of Italy: 46.508790, 11.337204
A microcosm of the Middle East: 36.318998, 44.036636
One of many resettlements inside Iraq: 36.356057, 44.013977
Democracy in a refugee camp : 36.336700, 44.023590
Even if this was paradise, we\'d want to go home: 36.328126, 44.052429
Meeting with Iranian clerics to discuss the veil: 34.639944, 50.875942
In a wider world Italy got totally lost: 41.871940, 12.567380
Life as a Syrian farmer before war: 36.396968, 43.989258
My grandfather moved to the US with a quarter in his pocket: 48.379433, 31.165580
Ramadan in a hot tent: 36.316232, 44.040070
Art helped heal the wounds of war: 36.308486, 44.038696
The outpouring of support for Kurdish refugees: 37.000633, 35.423292
Perhaps the fastest refugee return in history: 36.867905, 42.948857
Rebuilding villages in Northern Iraq: 36.410339, 44.387195
Surviving a terrible winter: 36.410339, 44.387195
The effort to return to normal life: 35.557045, 45.435943
Baghdad bans NGOs in Kurdistan : 36.206293, 44.008870
\'They were like the phalanx of Alexander the Great\': 42.938004, 12.621621
Student movements and Tangentopoli: 42.938004, 12.621621
We never, ever had new clothes: 51.604967, -0.072279
The Christian Brothers were violent: 53.488197, -3.026251
Growing up near the family : 53.479742, -3.021592
I started work at 9 years olf: 23.810332, 90.412518
I had to leave my daughter to look after my family: 23.810332, 90.412518
Peshawar School Massacre : 24.867541, 67.035828
Assassination of Benazir Bhutto : 24.861462, 67.009939
We used to live like a family: 51.507351, -0.127758
Feeding the Homeless in Pomona: 34.055103, -117.749991
Obama\'s healthcare reform was a critical first step: 38.897609, -77.036735
The whole world celebrated Obama\'s 2008 election victory: 48.208174, 16.373819
Obama offered false hope: 48.208174, 16.373819
Obama accomplishments: LGBT Family Immigration Rights: 48.790447, 11.497889
My spouse was regognized - it changed my options in life: 48.132184, 16.358643
Women\'s March in NYC: 40.712784, -74.005941