Customer Policy


Tell History is a marketplace where you can purchase services from historians and other professionals from a variety of backgrounds around the world.  In order to learn how you can get the most out of Tell History and to understand your rights and obligations as a customer,  please read this policy, which is part of our Terms of Service. By using Tell History, you are agreeing to this policy and the Terms of Service.  

Tell History’s limitations as a venue

Tell History provides a venue for customers search, discover, and purchase services from vendors around the world.  It’s crucial to acknowledge, however, that Tell History is not part of that transaction. By using Tell History, you accept that:

  1. You are not buying services from Tell History, but from one of the vendors on Tell History;
  2. Tell History does not guarantee or endorse any of the vendors listed on Tell history, nor any content used by vendors, nor does it pre-screen vendors; and
  3. Vendors on Tell History have their own service specifications, delivery schedules, methods, and policies which may vary from listing to listing.

Messaging other members

You are free to use Tell History’s messaging service to get in touch with vendors or other Tell History members. This is an important way to make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed before you purchase a service order from a vendor. The following behaviours are strictly forbidden on the messaging service:

  1. Sending unsolicited offers of service, promotions, or other commercial matters;
  2. Sending abusive or harassing messages;
  3. Ignoring a request to terminate communication; or
  4. Interfering with (meddling, impeding, or undermining the services of another Tell History member).


Interference occurs when one vendor willingly impedes or undermines the normal functioning of another Tell History member. Interference is strictly forbidden on Tell History. Examples include:

  1. Sending unsolicited messages warning customers away from a particular vendor or listing
  2. Publically airing a dispute with another vendor
  3. Purchasing from other vendors with the intention of leaving a negative review


Any use of the messaging service to harass or abuse other members is strictly prohibited and may result in suspension or blocking from Tell History.

Purchasing a Service on Tell History

When you purchase a service from Tell History, you are directly engaging an independent vendor, each of which has his or her own policies, rules, listings, and methods. When you make a purchase with a vendor through Tell History you agree that you:

  1. Have read the full listing description before making the purchase;
  2. Have made the full payment for the service; and
  3. Have provided full and accurate information to the vendor necessary for the completion of services.

You also agree to comply with our Checkout Policy [link].



Tell History relies on reviews from people like you to improve the experience for all of our members. Reviews should be used to reward great vendors and to warn other customers about experiences that were less than satisfactory. You can leave a review anytime after your purchase.

When you submit a review you agree that:

  1. Your review, profile information, and photograph may be left on the vendor’s profile or listing pages;
  2. Reviews and photographs may not:
    1. Disclose private information;
    2. Use harassing or offensive imagery or language;
    3. Include spam or advertising;
    4. Relate to things outside of the strict limitations of the transaction and or issues outside the control of the vendor; or
    5. Intentionally undermine the review system itself
  3. Extortion is is strictly forbidden on Tell History. Attempts to influence reviews through bribery, threats, or gifts is considered extortion, with some examples being
    1. A customer threatens to or does a negative review to try to procure additional services.
    2. A customer leaves a negative review to secure an unwarranted refund.
  4. Shilling is also prohibited. Shilling means registering a different account to provide positive feedback for a particular vendor or member. Reviews must reflect real and unbiased opinions based on real transactions between customers and vendors.

When you upload a photo to Tell History, you warrant that:

  1. You own or have permission to use the photograph; and
  2. As per Tell History’s Terms of Service, Tell History has the right to license photographs and other content.

Tell History reserves the right to remove customer or vendor reviews, photographs, or any content that violate our policies or Terms of Services.


As a member of Tell History, you can make a variety of content such as usernames, photos, text, videos, and messages. You agree not to create or upload content that is:

  1. Harassing, vulgar, or abusive;
  2. Violating intellectual copyright laws; or
  3. Misleading, false, or slanderous.  



If a vendor fails to provide his services as described, Tell History does not assume responsibility or blame, but you should alert us at so that we may take appropriate action.