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  • I became a fashion designer despite the economic crisis

    I became a fashion designer despite the economic crisis

      Fashion designer Tata Kalita describes how difficult it was to study fashion during the 2008 economic crisis, when members of her family couldn’t support her financially. Despite a period of extreme psychological and financial hardship, she eventually found success. Storyteller: Tata Kalita Date of Story: 2008-present Location of Story: Ukraine Location: Lviv, Ukraine Date: 25 March, 2016

  • How we date in Aleppo

    How we date in Aleppo

      Rami Rihawi, a Syrian currently living in Berlin, describes how he and his friends at Aleppo University would flirt with girls at the architecture building–the center of the dating scene–despite the civil war that has ravaged much of the country. If successful, they would go on dates in the Mogambo neighborhood of Aleppo. Storyteller: […]

  • Learning idioms in Haitian Creole the hard way

    Learning idioms in Haitian Creole the hard way

    Tobias Metzner learns an important lesson about Haitian Creole when he’s threatened in a bathroom outside a ramshackle bar in post-earthquake Haiti. Storyteller: Tobias Metzner Date of Story: 2010 Location of Story: Port-au-Prince Location:  New York City, U.S.A. Date: 31 October, 2015

  • Watching Japan make Rugby history

    Watching Japan make Rugby history

    Jessica Kenny recalls watching the Japanese national rugby team topple global powerhouse South Africa in Brighton on 19 September, 2015, in the company of 20 Japanese delegates from cities that will host the 2019 World Cup in Japan. Storyteller: Jessica Kenny Date of Story: 19 September, 2015 Location of Story: Brighton, UK Location:  London, UK Date:  30 October, 2015 […]


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  • We knew there was a problem at Hillsborough the year before

    We knew there was a problem at Hillsborough the year before

      Michael Barrett talks about being at the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. At the Hillsborough stadium, there was a crush of humans in Sheffield (England) on 15 April 1989 during FA Cup semi-final game between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest. There were 96 deaths and 766 injured in one of the worst football incidents globally, […]

  • Living in Spain when Francisco Franco ruled

    Living in Spain when Francisco Franco ruled

      Reyes Martinez Aguilar, talks about the difficulties of living under Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, explaining how he repressed languages and ideologies that differed from his. Furthermore, she remembers, after Franco’s death, the unity and freedom that the people of Catalonia felt. Storyteller: Reyes Martinez Aguilar Date of Story: 1975 Location of Story: Barcelona, Spain Location: Miami, […]

  • I sang at San Remo with Milva

    I sang at San Remo with Milva

      Singer Silvia Tancredi recalls singing at Italy’s famous Sanremo Music Festival with Italian star Milva. Storyteller: Silvia Tancredi Date of Story: 27 February- 3 March, 2007 Location of Story: San Remo, Italy Location: Turin, Italy Date: 8 February, 2016

  • Becoming the first person to represent Kurdistan in international sporting competition

    Becoming the first person to represent Kurdistan in international sporting competition

    Kurdish-Catalan race car driver Isaac Tutumlu describes how he became the first person to officially represent Kurdistan in international sporting competition in 2012, overcoming objections from authorities that Kurdistan was not a country. Storyteller: Isaac Tutumlu Date of Story: 2011-present Location of Story: Barcelona, Spain Location:  Barcelona, Spain Date: 28 October, 2015


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Living through Yerevan\'s transformation: 40.179186, 44.499103
My invitation to an Indian Jewish circumcision outside the Israeli Parliament: 31.776640, 35.205539
Our fellow American tourists were frustrated by Communist China--1985: 39.904211, 116.407395
Bringing color to a Syrian refugee camp with a dark past: 36.735307, 43.879566
My Indian \'mother\' taught me Hindi -- with pranks: 26.983439, 80.923539
Learning idioms in Haitian Creole the hard way: 18.541731, -72.336663
Fighting for culture in 1970s Salzburg: 47.798534, 13.041773
I was part of the \'68 generation in Austria: 47.797589, 13.045063
Watching Japan make Rugby history: 50.861565, -0.083716
Becoming the first person to represent Kurdistan in international sporting competition: 41.400505, 2.171860
My time at English boarding schools in the 1960s and 1970s: 52.370323, -1.262575
Teaching journalism in Kurdistan: 35.564112, 45.375611
As a Nepali Hindu, Dashain is my favorite festival: 27.780022, 85.277421
A beautiful Christmas tradition that continues today: 51.752725, -0.339436
Drunk driving with Winston Churchill and a silent film star: 34.101585, -118.333623
A major blow: Maradona’s departure from Napoli in 1992: 40.851775, 14.268124
Literature not at its best: 90s Italy: 46.140797, 13.166290
The World Cup introduced me to politics: 43.722831, 10.401719
Freddie Mercury’s death: 45.070339, 7.686864
I sang at San Remo with Milva: 43.815967, 7.776057
“Non è la RAI” was the opposite of reality: 45.070339, 7.686864
Raising globalized children: 28.008794, 85.132378
Music of the early 90s: it was a fun time: 45.070339, 7.686864
Hits of 1990s Italy: 45.465422, 9.185924
Italian football thrives when nation suffers: 42.853604, 13.574944
Milan was the music capital of Italy: 45.465422, 9.185924
Italian vs foreign journalists: 45.465422, 9.185924
Listening to cassettes: 45.070339, 7.686864
Childhood games in 90s Italy: 45.070339, 7.686864
Jules Verne loved Vigo: 42.295973, -8.663020
Writing dummy issues for the Independent on Sunday: 51.505431, -0.023533
Covering Nelson Mandela\'s release from prison: -26.204103, 28.047305
Predicting a narrow win for the Treaty of Maastricht: 48.856614, 2.352222
Breaking the story of Mitterand\'s illness: 48.856614, 2.352222
Covering the last Soviet Party Congress: 55.755826, 37.617300
It was the height of tabloid journalism: 51.527009, -0.088663
Yuppiedom, Wapping, and the Indy gamble: 51.527649, -0.090036
Many roles changed in the first year: 51.528450, -0.090723
Covering miscarriages of justice: 52.486243, -1.890401
The Indy\'s design had a strong appeal: 51.530853, -0.091839
Journos didn\'t understand the power of price: 51.527970, -0.091324
The Independent on Sunday: mistake or not? : 51.531174, -0.092525
Visual style and reinventing the front page: 51.465174, -0.170811
We pioneered \'journalism by list\' long before Buzzfeed: 51.505431, -0.023533
We didn\'t do royal stories: 51.522805, -0.144310
Indy dubbed \'the newspaper of record\': 51.507351, -0.127758
Guest editor Bono\'s conference call with Blair and Brown: 51.505431, -0.023533
New Indy owners and the move to Canary Wharf: 51.504949, -0.019501
4 editors in 3 years, and a traumatized staff: 51.504949, -0.019501
The restoration of order at The Independent: 51.504949, -0.019501
A ministerial crash course in the arts: 41.913519, 12.477722
The foresight of Lucio Colletti: 41.908409, 12.474976
Ronchey’s Law for musuems: 41.907898, 12.486649
There wasn’t so much alcohol: 45.533420, 12.643850
“Vasco is unique”: 45.533420, 12.643850
Covering Lockerbie over the holidays: 55.122245, -3.349008
Swapping the brown suit for a fresh white shirt: 45.533420, 12.643850
90s were best years for Italian football: 46.499928, 11.355743
Italian kids lived for Holly & Benji: 46.498276, 11.354785
“We had no video games”: 46.498276, 11.354785
Reporters carried mobile phones for first time: 51.531655, -0.124296
The St. Mary Axe Bombing: 51.514492, -0.080307
The Canary Wharf bombing evacuation: 51.505431, -0.023533
Wise investments in foreign news at the beginning: 51.527890, -0.089908
We gave agency journos some credit: 51.530319, -0.091839
Finding Ceaușescu\'s execution site at Dracula\'s castle : 44.911822, 25.455827
Inspired by continental European newspaper photography: 51.528897, -0.094264
Shooting from the shadows: 51.528897, -0.094264
The first front page photo: 50.718539, -1.880143
Foreign correspondents loved having a photographer: 51.528897, -0.094264
I shot ahead of the story: 48.796009, 2.852325
Country profiles for Euro elections \'89: 50.678457, 4.404866
Crashed the Indy\'s car and got an upgrade: 45.146949, 0.757221
Excuse to walk the Appian Way: 41.836049, 12.538630
We missed Tiananmen: 39.908715, 116.397389
Documenting Berlin Wall fall from a dump truck : 52.520007, 13.404954
Tense moments before the collapse of Communism: 46.830268, 17.734044
Covering the Velvet Revolution: 50.081023, 14.427992
The Indy’s famous landscape photos: 52.022007, -1.008043
How The Indy first made money: 51.528897, -0.094264
Why editorial and advertising mingled: 51.528897, -0.094264
The October 1987 Crash hit Indy revenues hard: 51.528897, -0.094264
Launching the Saturday Magazine: 51.528897, -0.094264
How the Indy\'s Singapore supplement became a cash cow: 1.352083, 103.819836
We briefly overtook The Times: 51.528897, -0.094264
The board saw red, and we had a Sunday newspaper: 51.528897, -0.094264
We were interviewing for other jobs like mad: 51.374476, 0.045335
We couldn\'t break into classifieds: 51.528897, -0.094264
I became a designer despite the 2008 economic crisis: 49.839683, 24.029717
I always went back to vinyl: 52.492490, 13.423540
I was nearly killed by a picket at Wapping: 51.507458, -0.066678
First UK paper to use Apple for graphics: 51.528897, -0.094264
Introducing color at The Independent: 27.762045, -82.637360
We\'d get champagne for negotiating cheap ads: 51.517059, -0.088824
Metro hit circulation of major papers: 51.507351, -0.127758
Changing financial world spelled trouble for Indy ads: 51.507351, -0.127758
Going to work for an \'invisible\' paper: 53.478336, -2.255205
Reporting in a different age of communication technology: 56.949649, 24.105186
Genuine editorial curiosity: 55.755826, 37.617300
Reuters declared us dead in 1994: 51.519478, -0.087548
Almost missed an expensive story: 16.866069, 96.195132
We didn\'t have security training: 44.988911, 20.167110
Even the dumbest policeman could\'ve arrested me: 44.786568, 20.448922
It wasn\'t clear what people were doing: 51.519478, -0.087548
Sorting through the snake oil salesmen: 51.519478, -0.087548
Getting a pay rise out of the \'scoff trolley\': 51.519478, -0.087548
The closing culture in display advertising: 51.519478, -0.087548
It was a shock to leave: 51.519478, -0.087548
Career focus vs. enjoyment at the Indy: 51.519478, -0.087548
Security after the fatwa: 51.519478, -0.087548
Hurricane Katrina and my worst day at the Indy: 29.951066, -90.071532
We still used a sketch artist: 51.465174, -0.170811
There was no agenda: 51.519478, -0.087548
How much did Indy cartoons sell for?: 51.507351, -0.127758
When the radio was furniture: 36.876719, -89.587858
We\'d get the picture from CBS and audio from NBC: 37.305884, -89.518148 40.608430, -75.490183
Before there was Big Bird on Sesame Street...: 42.262593, -71.802293
We were one of the earliest leveraged buyouts: 29.424122, -98.493628
The peak years of television: 39.103118, -84.512020
The Saturday back page for photography: 51.501029, -0.126842
Out of the Edwardian stable: 51.533333, -0.132231
Film from an injured photographer: 51.761348, -1.584211
Going undercover for Swampy: 51.519479, -0.087543
Setting fire to the news editor: 51.507351, -0.127758
Invoking the fury of photographers: 51.519479, -0.087543
Women don\'t do auto-erotic asphyxia in drag: 51.507351, -0.127758
Poetry Corner at The Independent: 51.507351, -0.127758
Foreign Devils vs. The Shallow End: 51.507351, -0.127758
Indy may have needed a tweak, but not a revolution: 51.507351, -0.127758
Satire and the present: 42.938004, 12.621621
Dutch military food was the best: 36.738884, 42.330322
The censorship of satire in Italian TV: 41.871940, 12.567380
Mistrust for politicians became constant: 42.938004, 12.621621
I remember one hilarious, vulgar title: 42.863893, 13.589973
Living in Spain when Francisco Franco ruled: 41.385064, 2.173403
We knew there was a problem at Hillsborough the year before: 53.411425, -1.500682
Getting to watch Liverpool win the UEFA Champions League Final: 53.489292, -3.046231
Women are not safe in Saudi Arabia: 23.885942, 45.079162
Belonging in Saudi Arabia: 23.885942, 45.079162