Tuesday Tip! DIY tripod

We love being able to use our phones to record the stories of our loved ones, but at least some of us on the Tell History team suffer from a serious case of shaky hand (ok, it’s me). Recently we had a holiday weekend and I really wanted to capture some histories while people were relaxed in a reflective frame of mind.

Of course, I had forgotten to bring a tripod! Not wanting to give everyone watching a case of seasickness, I was sure we could find a DIY option. Let me present you with the easiest, cheapest tripod you’ll be able to make and use in the next 10 minutes!

WikiHow – How to make an instant phone tripod


You can find some very straightforward step-by-step instructions at the link above. Having finally located some scissors and the top of a furniture polish can, I made a serious error: Worried about scratching my phone I cut the slots too big. 

Round two , this time with an aerosol oven cleaner lid, I took the time to measure. I also lightly sanded the edges so my phone scratching worry wouldn’t play out too much.

The result? Well – I’ll admit to being pretty paranoid about the stability with the water bottle addition. However, When put on top of a stack of books/boardgames/on top of a large saucepan I found a stable base and a much less shaky recording than if I hadn’t used the DIY. However, there can be still a reasonable amount of shake if the table surface was nudged.

Over to you… do you use a tripod? have any good DIY tips for those in need?


Instant iphone tripod

This is what it is meant to look like 🙂