How to suggest tags for your histories

You’ll see on the website that each of your stories are tagged. These are both based on your suggestions and from the community / team in order to help more people discover your stories.

But how should you tag your histories?

  • Place and geography
    Are there specific towns or landmarks in the history? Do they refer to a particular building? It might be specific to a certain county or region. Make sure you spell these as accurately as possible.
  • People
    Are any people mentioned in the history? Get their full name and tag it!
  • Nicknames
    Sometimes people refer to a nickname as well as a given name. It’s worth tagging both!
  • Companies or brands
    Are there any companies they were working for or brands they are talking about? Each of these should also be tagged
  • Technology
    A lot of histories on the site are driven by a new technological innovation. Was this on the TV? Does it involve a computer? There are many tags here which might be included.
  • Events
    Many many stories are part of a wider event – this may be the Cold War, WWII, an uprising. It may be a sporting or cultural event. These are great tags to include as then these can be grouped with other people’s stories about the same event.
  • Themes
    Think about what the general theme of the story is. You’ll already have chosen one of the categories for the story, where does it fit underneath that? It might be about a changing neighbourhood – gentrification or urban renewal might be a theme you tag.

It’s always worth checking tags with your interviewee after the fact – they might suggest some that you have missed!