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Collecting Now: Do you recognize your city? 

If we stay in a place long enough, we see it change. Some of us have seen our neighborhoods and cities change much faster than others–this often means growing inequality. What’s the U.S. city with the fastest growing rate of inequality? San Fransisco. The richest 5% households earn 17x that of the bottom 20%!

Listen to the stories of individuals who have seen their city go through massive transformations. Read on below to see how you can add your stories to this collection. 

  • San Francisco’s diversity is under threat

    Local San Franscisco politician, David Campos says that he feels San Francisco’s diversity is under threat because housing is increasingly unaffordable across the city. As a gay man who had immigrated from Guatemala, he originally moved to San Francisco because of it’s unique and welcoming culture.
  • The Harlem of the West: Jazz and supper clubs on Fillmore

    Fred used to love go to jazz and supper clubs in The Fillmore District of San Francisco in the 1970s. There were 29 clubs over the space of only a few blocks, and all the great musicians of the time recorded there. The neighborhood fell victim to ‘redevelopment’, leaving the blocks empty. He says this pushed 50,000 African Americans out of San Francisco.
  • My first gay bar: The Tenderloin in the 1950s

    Robbie Robinson talks about his first experience with cruising in San Francisco in the 1950s, following a man into a gay bar called The Silver Dollar.
  • “Violence really destroyed our community”

    London Breed, a San Francisco politician, talks about the increasing amount of violence in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as a related crack epidemic, which she saw in the Western Addition neighborhood.

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Living through Yerevan\'s transformation: 40.179186, 44.499103
A wild carriage ride in San Francisco: 37.774929, -122.419416
Growing up in a refugee camp in Turkey: 37.344293, 40.619649
Silicon Valley before the tech boom: 37.338208, -121.886329
Remembering a diverse, beautiful Baghdad: 33.300978, 44.365883
One of many resettlements inside Iraq: 36.356057, 44.013977
Even if this was paradise, we\'d want to go home: 36.328126, 44.052429
Regardless of religion, we were all Ukrainian: 49.251810, 24.498791
Growing up near the family : 53.479742, -3.021592
We used to live like a family: 51.507351, -0.127758
Feeding the Homeless in Pomona: 34.055103, -117.749991
Gentrification in South Bronx, New York : 40.844782, -73.864827
Transitioning out of homelessness in San Francsico: 37.773325, -122.413213
Gentrification: Western Addition, San Francisco: 37.782211, -122.434178
Before \'gentrification\' was a household word: 37.779155, -122.435267
Evictions at the International Hotel: 1968-1977: 37.796125, -122.404942
Lessons from a shrinking Philadelphia: 37.774929, -122.419416
I moved to West Oakland because San Fran was too expensive: 37.804873, -122.295140
SF politics: Small activist groups make a big difference: 37.779346, -122.418757
Gentrification in Washington D.C. : 38.907192, -77.036871
I wouldn\'t be able to move to the Castro today: 37.760908, -122.435004
San Francisco is the victim of its own success: 37.789407, -122.401067
Collapse of the African American population in San Francisco: 37.780766, -122.429313
Low income renters driven out of the Mission District: 37.759865, -122.414798
LGBT community hit hard by rising rents: 37.761992, -122.434736
Our public housing was torn down: 37.782211, -122.434178
\'Violence really destroyed our community\': 37.782211, -122.434178
Gentrification and \'neighborhood preference\': 37.779346, -122.418757
Affordable housing and minority communities in San Fran: 37.730416, -122.384424
Development doesn\'t change our identity: 37.727609, -122.370261
The Mission District has been underdeveloped: 37.765285, -122.419428
We were the most vulnerable: 37.787959, -122.433670
The best landlords were elderly black homeowners: 37.776342, -122.434633
Progressives and the African American community in San Francisco: 37.750238, -122.433703
How fair is lottery housing?: 37.782675, -122.432370
The jobs are gone: 37.804873, -122.295140
Returning \'the poor\' to public debate: 37.783873, -122.414183
Our congregation is a fraction of its former size: 37.777874, -122.434749
Black businesses have disappeared: 37.780766, -122.429313
My first gay bar: The Tenderloin in the 1950s: 37.784660, -122.414506
Where have San Francisco\'s African Americans gone?: 37.774929, -122.419416
\'The New Fillmore\' vs the old: 37.780766, -122.429313
The ghost of Ronald Reagan is alive in San Francisco: 37.759773, -122.427063
Will San Francisco have a middle class?: 37.759865, -122.414798
\'Build, build, build!\' lacks nuance: 37.778519, -122.405640
The Third Baptist Church: a pillar of the African American community in SF: 37.777874, -122.434749
San Francisco\'s black population first left San Francisco in 1858: 37.819929, -122.478255
\'Urban renewal\' was black removal: 37.783926, -122.433072
WWII brought black laborers to San Francisco: 37.727400, -122.368338
It\'s politically incorrect to stop erosion of black community: 37.782675, -122.432370
With acceptance, San Francisco\'s gay community opened up: 37.752100, -122.434186
The rivalry between LA and SF in the 1960s gay community: 37.783920, -122.414968
The Tenderloin was wonderful in the late 1950s-early 1960s: 37.784660, -122.414506
José Sarria and the Black Cat in North Beach : 37.795825, -122.403126
Formation of the Tavern Guild in San Francisco: 37.782427, -122.424556
Dianne Feinstein was 1st to speak to a gay group: 37.774929, -122.419416
Watching The Castro transform in the 1970s: 37.762400, -122.435742
\'We looked after one another\': the gay community in the 1950s+1960s: 37.806053, -122.410331
The Harlem of the West: Jazz and supper clubs on Fillmore: 37.781751, -122.429853
Housing speculation is predatory: 37.727609, -122.370261
Losing the culture of political activism: 37.769422, -122.433453
Rise of cities has brought class struggle: 37.767679, -122.431860
Gentrification continues even after ‘Whitewashing’: 37.769213, -122.431556
Evictions of senior citizens in San Francisco: 37.775907, -122.424525
No one has stood up to the real estate industry: 37.779602, -122.424774
Ellis Act evictions devastating to seniors and disabled: 37.775727, -122.442477
Can\'t be homeless in Texas: 37.784556, -122.422861

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